You will always find something new in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre! On this page you will find all the exhibitions that are held in our center, as well as a relevant information about them.

  • Linda Zīvere In The Silence
    Published: 2017-07-02
    Linda Zīvere In The Silence
    Published: 2017-07-02
    Erin Lawlor ’s paintings are composed of large brushstrokes that undulate in striated waves across the surfaces of her paintings. The strokes move fluidly; the forms are as natural as a waterfall or waves that move with the tide. Lawlor’s strokes have substance and presence created by the saturation of colour and density. Large brushstrokes steeped in paint are laid by the artist on a wet ground. The paintings are constructed with wet strokes; she paints wet into wet. Her brushstrokes mix with the painted ground on the canvas, giving an articulated movement to each stroke. Read more...
  • Ingūna Levša On the Other Side
    Published: 2017-04-09
    Ingūna Levša On the Other Side
    The exhibition “ On The Other Side ” spotlights images, environments and themes that the artist finds important as her personality-makers, for example, a forest, tangles of tree branches, which have been used several times in different contexts, are symmetrically arranged as a totem pole, as well as silhouettes of the artist herself and her husband that have been placed amid natural elements such as mushrooms, sea and water blooms. Ingūna Levša works in Jacquard technique, weaving digital tapestries, allowing her to create complex compositions referencing on and include more of the surrounding reality into them. The artist works mainly with photographs, integrating various recurring elements in them. Some of the elements are arranged in kaleidoscopic compositions. Thus, private mythology and subjectivism interacts with generalized images and metaphors. With her canvases Ingūna Levša presents a new approach which is relatively rare in Latvian textile art. It is largely based on application of realistic forms and solidity of storyline. The artist offers a new perspective on potentials of textile, advantages of modern technologies combined with the ability to create deeply personal messages. Since 2001, the artist actively participates in exhibitions. She has taken part in eight solo exhibitions and about 30 group exhibitions both in Latvia and abroad. Her works displayed at the exhibition were created in Guimarães (Portugal) and Bergen (Norway). Read more...
  • Stasys Eidrigevičius Roots and Branches
    Published: 2017-04-09
    Stasys Eidrigevičius Roots and Branches
    Drawings for the exhibition “Roots and Branches" were selected by myself, considering - WHICH ONES? Searching for the answer - WHY? All the time consulting with my son Ignacy, asking him questions - IS THIS OK? DO YOU APPROVE IT? Read more...
  • Saules Skola from Ethnography to Design
    Published: 2017-04-09
    Saules Skola from Ethnography to Design
    The history of Daugavpils School of Art and Design named "Saules Skola" or “Sun School” begins in 1917, when by the initiative of a cultural society "Saule" ("Sun") courses on sewing and craftwork were opened in the town. At the beginning of the 1920s it became a school of needlework and in 1927 it was granted a status of women's college. Read more...
  • Ieva Nagliņa Discarded
    Published: 2017-04-09
    Ieva Nagliņa Discarded
    Refusing of, or as they say, casting away the excess, we get something more valuable and realize that we can move along in a better quality. On the other hand, the “ discarded ” – are people we consciously or unconsciously turn away from, throw them out of society, or consider them unfit to anything. Do we get anything from that? Read more...
  • Latvian contemporary graphics
    Published: 2017-04-09
    Latvian contemporary graphics
    Exhibition of Latvian contemporary graphics continues series of exhibition held by Daugavpils Rothko Art Centre, which began with selection of paintings by Latvian contemporary artists, followed by ceramics and now featuring six representatives of Latvian contemporary printmaking art. They are bright and distinct personalities who reveal the specific smack of printmaking and raise the question on borders in graphic art. These six artists cover the range from the old masters and artists who have proven themselves, as well as young artists just emerging on the art scene. Read more...
  • Patrick Peltier REBIRTH
    Published: 2017-04-09
    Patrick Peltier REBIRTH
    Prehistoric/ancient man, drawing on cave walls, intended/aimed to speak about something more essential and mysterious than just to show decorations of his home: he spoke with Nature. Already then, in those figures, created before painting appeared, there was a certain dialogue between the Universe and the Artist. And this dialogue brought joy and satisfaction. Although it cannot be compared, but when 20,000 years later, Fra Angelico painted walls of his monastery, his purpose was bigger than just making illustrations of the New Testament! He asked for help from the Almighty, and when he returned to his monk cell, he felt the presence of God and similar to his ancestor of the prehistoric era, he felt satisfaction from his own work. And he did it! The same thing happens with art, which proves itself powerful! Undoubtedly, it is necessary to make efforts to share these feelings: to see, one has to be ready to open eyes in order to see, so the artist shows us the reality that we would not have seen without him. Paul Klee mentioned once: "Art does not represent the visible, but it makes it visible." Read more...
  • Signe Vanadziņa Which season?
    Published: 2017-04-09
    Signe Vanadziņa Which season?
    Just like bright, contrastive, intense strokes of the brush in larger and smaller fields brushwork of Signe Vanadziņa explodes on canvas. With the presence of some seemingly minor, yet optimistically challenging image, sometimes, just a stroke of colour in the composition, this lights up even a grey day. Read more...
  • Sigita Daugule, Jānis Liepiņš IN ONE ROOM
    Published: 2017-04-09
    Sigita Daugule, Jānis Liepiņš IN ONE ROOM
    The exhibition has brought together Sigita Daugule and Jānis Liepiņš – two artists representing two different environments, people and time placing them both in one room. This is the first time when previously created while not exhibited, as well as new works by Sigita Daugule will be displayed alongside works by painter Jānis Liepiņš from private collections of the artist’s heirs, Guntis Belēvičs and the Zuzāns collections, as well as from the collection of Latvian National Museum of Art. Read more...