(Exhibition period: September – December, 2022)

Latvian Centre for Contemporary Ceramics in cooperation with Estonian Ceramics Association and Lithuanian Artists’ Association announces an open call for applications for the Baltic Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition SAFE HORIZONS that will take place in South Korea in September – December 2022. The project is supported by Baltic Culture Fund.


The aim of the project is to organize a large-scale Baltic contemporary ceramics exhibition in South Korea as a new and unique cultural event that promotes cultural cooperation between the three Baltic States within and beyond, and strengthens the internationalization of Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian culture through joint cultural events.

The theme of the exhibition – Safe Horizons – is a unifying and multifaceted concept of the modern world, which includes the importance of geopolitical issues, as well as current challenges of the globalized world – nature protection, the latest aspects of human security and technological side effects. It is an international art and cultural event that will spread the image of Baltic art intercontinentally, while at the same time focusing on the growth of local artists and the development of contemporary art. By creating an understanding of the common and different features of the Baltic culture, the event will expand the “safe horizons” of the Baltic States both at the European level and worldwide.


Aivars Baranovskis (LV)

Valentins Petjko (LV)

Pille Kaleviste (EE)

Agne Šemberaite (LT)


 Jury for Latvia

Pille Kaleviste (EE), artist, curator

Agne Šemberaite (LT), artist, curator

Rūta Šipalytė (LT), artist, curator

Juss Heinsalu (EE), artist, curator

Jisun Kim (KR), curator


Jury for Lithuania

Valentins Petjko (LV), artist, curator

Aivars Baranovskis (LV), artist, curator

Pille Kaleviste (EE), artist, curator

Juss Heinsalu (EE), artist, curator

Jisun Kim (KR), curator


Jury for Estonia

Valentins Petjko (LV), artist, curator

Aivars Baranovskis (LV), artist, curator

Agne Šemberaite (LT), artist, curator

Rūta Šipalytė (LT), artist curator

Jisun Kim (KR), curator


60 artists (20 artists from each Baltic country) will be invited to participate in the exhibition. Artists will be selected through a competition based on the applications submitted. The choice will be made by a panel of jurors specified above. The Baltic States will be represented by artists of several generations from each country – both experienced driving forces in their field and younger artists.

Individual artists, as well as groups of artists from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, are invited to submit their artworks for the Baltic Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition SAFE HORIZONS. The applicants are not restricted by age or nationality. Each applicant (individual artist or a group of artists) can submit up to 2 artworks, however only one artwork may be selected for the participation in the exhibition. The artwork submitted for the selection has to fit the exhibition theme. The minimum size of artwork should be equal or exceed 25cm at least in one dimension. The actively working artists are invited to create artworks especially for the exhibition or submit most recent creations that fit the exhibition theme.


Individual artists and groups of artists are invited to apply for the Baltic Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition SAFE HORIZONS by submitting ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.

High printing quality jpg or jpeg image (at least 300 dpi) attached to the Application Form should represent the artwork on a neutral background (white, black or grey).

Applications must be submitted until 31st March 2022.  

Applications submitted after 31st March 2022 will not be considered.


On a basis of Application Forms received, the jury will choose works for participation in the Baltic Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition SAFE HORIZONS . The results of selection will be announced in April 2022.



Participants must deliver the selected works to the organizers during May 2022. Exact dates will be provided together with the announcement of the selection results.

All international transportation will be arranged by organizers.


The exhibition of the Baltic Contemporary Ceramics Exhibtion SAFE HORIZONS will take place at Gyeonggi Museum of Ceramic Design (GMCD) in Yeoju City, South Korea.

The exhibition setup will be exclusively undertaken by the organizers.


Use of Personal Information 

Participants allow the organizers to reproduce the images of selected artworks, as well as other information about participants submitted within the application in any kind of media.

Contact information

Aivars Baranovskis, +3712702949427, aivars.baranovskis@yahoo.com

Valentins Petjko, +371 20207533, valentins.petjko@gmail.com