Ilona Romule

A breakout game where you must find your way out of dark rooms.

An instinctive desire to get to the light, to freedom.

 Lithophanes are artworks made of fine sheets of translucent white porcelain with a decorative or figurative motif etched or moulded as a negative low relief surface.

When lit from behind with either artificial light or natural daylight, these sheets show the scene (image) in the positive, creating a three-dimensional effect.

Ilona Romule was born in Rīga, Latvia, in a family of artists and has worked in the field of ceramics since graduation from the Art Academy of Latvia in 1985. She works as a freelance artist at her studio in Rīga, in the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet, Hungary, and in China, mostly with high-temperature porcelain.

During a prolific artistic career spanning three decades, Romule’s creative record has swelled to 28 solo shows, over 50 international juried competitions, over 30 group exhibitions and 10 awards, including Grand Prix at the 6th International Small Teapot Competition in California, USA (2014) and Gold Prize at the 1st World Ceramic Teapot Art Competition in Yixing, China (2019).

Her artworks are represented in numerous public and private collections in Latvia and internationally. To date, Romule has given over 60 lectures and presentations and led numerous plaster mould-making, lithophane and porcelain-painting workshops at universities and art centres worldwide.

Romule has been a member of the International Academy of Ceramics in Geneva, Switzerland, since 2001 and its board member from 2016 until 2022.

Exhibition period: 28 October 2022 – 20 April 2023 (Martinsons House, 1 Nikolaja Street, Daugavpils Fortress)