Exhibition of artists from the Latgale Region

Intellect is expressed, for instance, in our ability to give extensive and well-versed accounts of events and occurrences, all the more so if we can describe something with pinpoint precision, leaving others with nothing to add or argue. So “hitting the mark” or, if you will, “a perfect ten” on an imaginary ten-point scale of intelligence would denote the height of achievement for us, rational beings, in our attempts to verbalise our human experience and its attendant processes.

Clearly, artistic expression is not limited to verbal artistry. It is a complex mix of multiple categories, such as form, colour, movement, light, shadow, texture, sound and space, all the wonderful facets of being both within and beyond the grasp of our rational mind. Artistically, “hitting the ten” is hinged on the artist’s ability to reach such a degree of freedom in creative expression that the artwork becomes a new point of reference, a spark to trigger discussion, disagreement, imagination, satisfaction, fury or any other emotional reaction.

The intellectual impulse released by the artwork is rarely perceived right away, so its real effects are hardly immediate. But it can be the first step on a new path of discovery or an essential prepping stage before the big push for the goal. Without such impulses, social progress is inconceivable, hence the critical role of artistic freedom. Creators require conditions where they can be perfectly open and frank with themselves and others, stay free from the bonds of external or self-inflicted censorship and simply be who they are – prophets of their time “hitting home” with all their intellectual impulses.

The latest juried exhibition of artists from the Latgale Region at the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre is the tenth iteration of an ongoing project, displaying a broad range of creative attempts to “hit the ten” and kicking off the Rothko Centre’s tenth-anniversary programme.

Exhibition period: 03 March 2023 – 21 May 2023