Artists from Latgale region

The past couple of years have re-emphasised the global connectedness of all people on Earth. This was seen in the economy, politics and healthcare, and the art world was no exception. Naturally, the trend hasn’t bypassed the Latgale Region, where art life has continued with individual creators producing new artworks.

Indeed, the art world is no exception to global developments. There’s a clash of progressive and reactionary tendencies as the public makes sense of new norms, returns to long-neglected problems, keeps reflecting on eternal issues and draws from inexhaustible wells of inspiration. Artists are no exception either. For all their attempts to assert their individualism, creators remain a part of the larger world, operating within a shared system of universal images and means of expression where one needs to find a common language not only with the viewer but also with themselves.

How exactly have art and artists fared in this peculiar time? Has it been a welcome breather from the daily rush and a precious opportunity to give oneself fully to creativity? Perhaps quite the opposite – the new order has sparked even sharper reactions to current processes and called for abandoning a careful and scrupulous approach in favour of more impulsive artworks?

The exhibition features 44 artists from the Latgale Region and their latest work, where they have captured their emotions and impressions from the past few years, recorded the changing reality and reflected on eternal values still keeping the world together through a common language of the arts.

Featured artists:
Alīna Petkune, Agita Zemīte, Ludvigs Bērziņš, Aivars Bulis, Ilgvars Zalāns, Ilona Linarte Ruža, Dace Pudāne, Anastasija Dubovska, Žanna Vērdiņa, Svetlana Saveļjeva, Aiva Žūriņa, Inguna Liepa, Imants Haņeckis, Ingūna Levša, Ilze Griezāne, Ēriks Volonts, Anna Silabrama, Sanri, Nataļja Marinoha, Eleonora Pastare, Annele Slišāne, Viktorija Grappa, Vija Stupāne, Ksenia Shinkovskaya, Kristīne Nicmane, Diāna Apele, Darja Smirnova, Edgars Vronskis, Oksana Vronska, Vēsma Ušpele, Ilona Abdulajeva, Una Gura, Dāvis Ieviņš, Valija Platace, Sarmīte Bogdanoviča, Nellija Dzalba, Viktorija Valujeva, Agra Ritiņa, Ivo Folkmanis, Uldis Čamans, Mairita Folkmane, Aleksandra Šļahova, Lilija Zeiļa, Andris Bižāns

Exhibition period: 22 April– 26 June 2022