Stasys Eidrigevičius Roots and Branches

Drawings for the exhibition “Roots and Branches” were selected by myself, considering – WHICH ONES? Searching for the answer – WHY? All the time consulting with my son Ignacy, asking him questions – IS THIS OK? DO YOU APPROVE IT?

Thus, it came like a kind of glimpse into the history of drawing starting with my study times and coming to the present. From the pre-drawing for the painting “Self-portrait with Mona Lisa” to a visit at Warsaw hospital where I was drawing on an envelope a portrait of Joseph Grabski, who had had an operation on head cancer. In 1975-1980 I focused on surrealistic detailed drawings, later the line becomes loosened, and the first attempts of collage, gouache, watercolour follow. I have to emphasize that these drawings were created not by somebody’s order, they are a result of free creation. From fantasy sprees to minimalism (drawing ‘Withdrawal’’). Some drawings are travel reflections („Greek Donkey”) or created for special occasions, e.g., a drawing in memory of aunt Katre included a specific day of the funeral. I like to use some pieces of text in my drawings. Thus I try to immortalize time and places.

Stasys Eidrigevičius