International video and short art movies show “EnterCity 2017”

EnterCity 2017

curated by Katarina Balunova

EnterCity is international video and short art movies show that deals with the topic of multiculturalism and humanism – the acceptance of diversity, freedom of movement and non-violence.
The presentation is distinguished by the manifold approaches, reflects different thinking of people from different cultural backgrounds who aim to share similar message about a better world and possibilities for coexistence.
The aim of the project is to communicate through art – communication of the artists with the viewer and among artists themselves. Form of short videos and their final collage character reflects the state of affairs in the current world defined by rapid perceptions and plentitude of visual stimuli. Serious, quite documentary reflections alternate with poetic imagery of artistic videos and experimental animations.
The event will present selected videoworks of the artists: Ahmed Mohsen Mansour (EG/SA), Aksel Haagensen (EST/AU), Amin Hak-Hagir (AT), Celine Trouillet (FR), Dan Allon (IL), Irena Paskali (MK), Jana Hunterova (CZ), Magda Tothova (AT), Mikio Saito & Aoi Swimming (JP), Shereen Elbaroudy (EG), Student films of Academy of Arts, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia – Zuzana Ondrušová, Mária Šinková & Júlia Laufová and Veronika Šmírová.