You will always find something new in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre! On this page you will find all the exhibitions that are held in our center, as well as a relevant information about them.


The A sector of the Art Centre offers a chance to observe the permanent exposition “Mark Rothko. Life and Art” and the exhibition of original works created by Mark Rothko, to become acquainted with the digital exposition about the artist’s biography and various periods of his oeuvre, to spend time in the video hall, silent room and in the library.

The small five-work exhibition in the Rothko Room traces the radical development of the artist’s creativity throughout his career: from the early figurative paintings of the 1920s through the transition period in the 1940s to his revolutionary “classical” style of the 1950s and 1960s.


“Self-Portrait,” 1936 (Christopher Rothko’s Collection)
“Room in Karnak”, 1946 (Christopher Rothko’s Collection)
“Aeolian Harp”/No 7, 1946 (Christopher Rothko’s Collection)
Untitled, 1948 (Kate Rothko Prizel’s Collection)
Untitled (Brown on Red), 1964 (Kate Rothko Prizel’s Collection)


    Published: 11.11.19
    TERRY  FROST Almost half a century ago while living and painting in Rome I first met a man who had a profound influence on my life as an artist. A knock came on my studio door and on opening the door I was confronted by a man wearing a red cap, green spectacles and a blue jacket, oh and a cowboy tie. Most important of all was the expression on his face that told me here was a man who embraced life. An observation which was confirmed over and over again throughout our friendship. This was a friendship that included not just Terry and I but also that of our two wives Kath and Rosie and fairly soon afterwards all of Terry and Kath’s family, notably Anthony and Linda. It was also a friendship that lasted for the rest of Terry and Kath’s lives some twenty-five years later. Read more...
  • Exhibition of IX International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium
    Published: 06.03.20
    Exhibition of IX International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium
    The International Latgale Graphic Art Symposium has developed into a fine tradition that draws graphic artists to Daugavpils. Having become a meeting place, a discussion forum and stimulating creative environment in the cultural landscape of Latgale, it attracts Latvian and international graphic artists with similar and opposing views on the use of their preferred medium to create a shared story of the present, highlighting the things that matter here and now, especially those that may appear matter-of-fact and slip under the radar in the hectic rhythm of today. Read more...
  • The skin of appearance
    Published: 29.01.20
    The skin of appearance
    Clay rocks! also occasionally unicorns “Exploratory work is intellectually seductive, it provokes new understandings and triggers fresh critical strategies” (JO DAHN, New Directions in Ceramics) The skin of appearance is intended as a playful and exploratory exercise concerning the transformation of ceramic clay from an aseptic, cold material to one which is ‘human’ and warm, like human skin. The exhibition seeks to explore and challenge the versatility of ceramics as a creative medium: being universal and unique, sustainable and enduring, this material encompasses poetry, narrative, fiction and complexity. Read more...
  • Paintings
    Published: 28.01.20
    Marc Renard (Belgium) Recipient of Evenepoel Price Award (1984) and SPES Fondation Award (1995), Marc Renard lives and works in Brussels. After having been exhibited in Belgium by several galleries or museums, including the Museum of Ixelles, the Veranneman Foundation, Bernard Cats Gallery, Fred Lanzenberg Gallery, Le Triangle Bleu Gallery, since 2015, he is represented by the Marc Minjauw Gallery in Brussels (Belgium). Read more...
  • The Garden of Forking Paths
    Published: 28.01.20
    The Garden of Forking Paths
    Marina Kapilova Marina Kapilova’s exhibition is titled “The Garden of Forking Paths” as a tribute to her favourite author, Jorge Luis Borges, and his beautiful homonymous story. We shall not retell its content; for all its brevity, it is polysemantic and infinite. One passage* is enough to explain the author’s choice and concept. Read more...
    Published: 28.01.20
    International Graphic Art Exhibition PERSON AND TIME Artists: Evaldas Mikalauskis, Kestutis Vasiliunas, Jūrate Rekevičiute, Rolandas Rimkunas, Peeter Allik, Egle Vertelkaite Humans and time form a complex equation that can be examined from a variety of angles, such as: one’s location in time; one’s personal sense of time; after all, reflection on what time actually is. Read more...
    Published: 27.01.20
    Romas Viesulas Expressiveness, vitality, technical virtuosity, powerful colour – these are just a few of the positive aspects visible at first glance in the work of graphic artist Romas Viesulas (1918–1986). His abstracted visions, however, mask a stinging pain and raw emotional experience, where we can recognise the complicated world of today. Read more...
    Published: 27.01.20
    Caro Jost Caro Jost is a German conceptual artist, painter and filmmaker. The main topic of her work is the documentation and reproduction of time, remarkable places and events, which are meaningful to art history or to her personally. Therefore, in 2000, the artist started her global project “Streetprints”, which is based on real imprints of street and pavement reliefs on canvas; a specific method for making invisible traces of the past visible again, depicting them authentically and placing them in a current, contemporary context. Read more...
  • MARK
    Published: 27.01.20
    Exhibition by Latvian Jewellery Art Association   Latvian Jewellery Art Association was established two years ago with a view to bringing together professional artists active in the field. This exhibition, MARK, is the association’s second joint art project. Its authors come from the ranks of top-class masters with years of experience to their name as well as young creators freshly out of training. This broad spectrum of generations and styles is a definite strength that enables us to be at the forefront of new developments and, at the same time, to ensure unbroken continuity in our field. Read more...
    Published: 21.11.19
    Leonid Schemelev  Leonid Schemelev is People’s Artist of Belarus (1983), Merited Artist of Belarus (1973), Laureate of the State Prize of the BSSR (1982), Laureate of the Union State Prize in the field of literature and art (2010). His decorations include Order of the Patriotic War, grades 1 and 2, several medals, the badge of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus “For Contribution to the Development of Culture in Belarus” (2003). He is a Bearer of the Order of Francis Skorina (2001) and Person of the Year in Minsk (2003). Read more...