You will always find something new in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre! On this page you will find all the exhibitions that are held in our center, as well as a relevant information about them.


Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the original paintings by the artist Mark Rothko and his artwork reproductions. It is the only permanent retrospective exhibition of Rothko’s artwork in Europe. Next to the original paintings visitors can explore the Art Centre’s library, video hall, Rothko’s research room and a digital display “Mark Rothko. Life and Art” which is dedicated to the artist’s childhood, his hometown Dvinsk (Daugavpils) and his subsequent creative evolution in the USA.

In the M.Rothko’s original artwork room are exhibited 6 paintings kindly provided for long-term loan by the artist’s daughter Kate Rothko Prizel and son Christopher Rothko. This exhibition reflects all periods of Rothko’s art; his intense searching, diverse activities and transformations in his way towards mastery and freedom.

The permanent exhibition and Rothko’s original works which are displayed at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre (exhibition Sector A) can be visited with/without a tour guide or with an audio guide.

The following original paintings are displayed at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre from April 24, 2016:

  • UNTITLED 1947, oil on canvas, 135,9 x 100,5 cm, Collection of Christopher Rothko
  • OEDIPUS 1940, oil on linen, 91,4 x 61 cm., Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel
  • OMENS OF GODS AND BIRDS 1944/1945, oil on canvas, 100,8 x 70,2 cm, Collection of Christopher Rothko
  • ENTRANCE TO SUBWAY 1938, oil on canvas, 86,4 x 117,5 cm, Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel
  • UNTITLED (YELLOW, PINK) 1955, oil on canvas, 202,6 x 172,1 cm, Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel
  • UNTITLED 1970, acrylic on canvas, 172,7 x 152,4 cm, Collection of Christopher Rothko


    Published: 28.01.19
    Ovidiu Leuce, Delia Maxim, Pınar Baklan Önal                                       UGUNĪ, the concluding exhibition of the residency programme by Latvian Centre of Contemporary Ceramics, is held in cooperation with Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre. It is a joint project by three young ceramic artists who, for an entire month, worked side by side in Ceramic Laboratory in Daugavpils Fortress. A residency is a very special time and space where artists can be free from daily cares and worries, liberated from the trivia of organising their day-to-day lives. Instead, they are able to immerse themselves fully into creative processes, develop their skills and experiment with materials. It is a time for research, which often yields unexpected results that even the artist could not have hoped for. Read more...
  • Play of light and dark
    Published: 16.01.19
    Play of light and dark
    Inta Celmiņa, Edvards Grūbe Painting will exist as long as light itself – colour and shape can appear in the most incredible ways, either through the artist’s conscious effort and intention or as unexpected twists of the endless game of themes, techniques and compositional arrangements. The title chosen by artists Inta Celmiņa and Edvards Grūbe for their joint exhibition project at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, at first glance, can seem frivolous and lacking proper gravitas. And yet, if we take care not to downplay the meaning of game to its narrowest sense and imagine our lives as journeys of perception, we cannot help but admit that we are all players in a universal game, so why not apply this term to artistic processes? The outcome of this game is known only to the players involved, but we see their artwork that has value in its own right inasmuch as it reveals the lived experience of each artist, things either specific to their backgrounds or common to all. Read more...
  • Oļgerts Krauklis. Architecture in Painting
    Published: 16.01.19
    Oļgerts Krauklis. Architecture in Painting
    Being versatile and achieving success in different roles is something not many can accomplish. Architect and painter Oļģerts Krauklis is among the few who stand out. Perhaps due to having been blessed with extra talents and gifts that have helped him achieve many things, maintain a broad and open worldview in the most diverse spheres of activity, retain a sense of humour, remember a wealth of events and facts and be able to reshape the strands of these experiences into unique urban and rural landscapes that delight the eye with astonishing precision of aerial and linear perspectives. Read more...
  • Moments
    Published: 16.01.19
    This exhibition is a remarkably vibrant kaleidoscope of moments frozen in time, happy and unrepeatable bursts of creative output by an brilliant master of watercolour painting. Embodied in exquisitely charming and professionally executed works, these moments allow touching a truly unique phenomenon in the history of Vitebsk watercolour school. Exaggerations aside, Alexander Karpan (1953-2016) is its great success and pride, one of the most talented Belarusian watercolour painters of the late 20th – early 21st century. And the artist’s body of work is a wonderful case in point to this argument. Read more...
  • Wang Shaojun. Internal Uniformity
    Published: 16.01.19
    Wang Shaojun. Internal Uniformity
    Fundamental changes occurred to the context of the entire Chinese contemporary art over the past few decades, among which the most austere change comes from the surging western art concepts and styles, stimulating the transformation of Chinese art into creative ideas and methods and providing possible orientations for art-related thinking and creative practices. Wang Shaojun’s refinements of language in art keep everything well joined up and heading towards the internal, so that the constantly deepening thoughts and practices lead to his personalized artistic style as they merge into his artistic character. Read more...
  • Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty
    Published: 16.01.19
    Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty
    The truth (in Latin “veritas”) is the correspondence between a proposition and the reality to which this proposition refers. However, this definition of truth is not the only one, there are many definitions of the word and many classical controversies around the various theories of truth. “Truth” involves both the quality of “faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, sincerity, veracity”, and that of “agreement with fact or reality”. In a general sense, it stands against falsehood. Read more...
  • A different Martinsons
    Published: 17.01.19
    A different Martinsons
    To celebrate the 88th birthday of Pēteris Martinsons, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre suggests taking a different view on the artist through an exhibition aptly named “A Different Martinsons”. It features select artwork from the Rothko Centre collection that depicts Pēteris Martinsons as he appeared to every artist – different and unique. Ceramic artist, educator and architect Pēteris Martinsons (1931-2013) had a highly charismatic persona. A true professional in the field of ceramics, a figure of authority among his many students and followers, a stage designer, actor, alpinist and nature lover, blessed with great wisdom, a broad knowledge of the world and unique suggestive powers. His active lifestyle and irresistible personality drew people like a magnet. Every moment spent with the artist was inspiring and left a huge impact, which was retained in lasting memories and tangible artistic outputs. Read more...
  • V international textile and fiber art symposium
    Published: 14.11.18
    V international textile and fiber art symposium
    The international textile and fibre art symposium is as old as Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre. For the fifth consecutive time, it brings together artists who work in textile and fibre and promotes contemporary textile art in a region where traditional forms of textile are much more widespread, not least because of their presence in textile education programmes in Daugavpils and elsewhere in Latvia. Traditionally, the textile and fibre art symposium is organised in autumn when nature has shed its splendid cloak of leaves and flowers. One would think that artists should lack adequate sources of inspiration for their artwork at this bare time of year. However, walks through Daugavpils and more extended trips across Latgale give artists plenty of inspiration in local fauna and flora to create magnificent, also bright and vivid textile and fibre art arrangements. Read more...
  • Lilija Zeiļa
    Published: 12.11.18
    Lilija Zeiļa
    TRACES. TOUCH. VERSATILITY Lilija Zeiļa is a master. Potter, ceramicist, artist. She was born in Daugavpils in 1958. For nearly 40 years, her hands have been busy with clay, which continues to set the course of her life and daily routines and yield itself to her will. To celebrate her anniversary, Lilija Zeiļa has prepared a solo exhibition featuring three groups of work – Traces. Touch. Versatility. Read more...
  • Izabella Krolle
    Published: 09.11.18
    Izabella Krolle
    ARTERY In her solo exhibition ARTERY, Izabella Krolle poses questions that are vital to all artists and attempts to answer them in her own way. This exhibition is like a conceptual theatre of images, assembled into a complex yet holistic configuration. It makes no attempt to place any one piece in the limelight but rather presents them as a whole with an emphasis on interaction patterns and subtle games of relationships. What keeps the artist alive? What urges her to create, again and again? What are the origins of the artist’s inspiration, imagery and creative drive or spark? Read more...