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    Published: 25.03.14
    JEĻENA VOLKOVA NOSTALGIA   Jelena Volkova was born on April 18, 1949 in Valmiera, where she spent the first two months of her life. The sculptress spent her childhood and adolescence in Riga, where she finished high school and Secondary School of Applied Arts, the department of decorative sculpture and design; she also graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts, Sculpture department with distinction. During the school years Jelena visited folk art studio, and already at the age of 14, the artist was awarded for M. Gorky's old Izergil portrait and conferred - honorary master of folk sculpture. After graduating from the Latvian Academy of Arts J. Volkova’s diploma work “Figurative portrait of German Sculptor Ernst Barlach” was displayed at the USSR exhibition of sculpture diploma works in Moscow, where it got the first prize. Despite the fact that after the graduation the new sculptress is offered the position of Sculptors’ Artistic Council Chairperson at the combine “Art”, as well as a workshop space, she decides to move to Daugavpils. Since 1977 the talented sculptress, artist and graphic artist has lived and worked in Daugavpils. The first workplace of J. Volkova in Daugavpils was in the Commerce Department, where she worked on the original interiors of shops and cafes. Soon, she was provided with a workshop space where the artist could creatively express herself. Read more...
    Published: 08.03.14
    IZABELLA KROLLE DEDICATION. TRANSFORMATIONS OF TIME   Izabella Krolle was born on May 22, 1938. In 1940’s Izabella's father was repressed, and in 1946 her mother with two daughters moved to Rīga where Izabella graduated from Riga Primary School No.49, and later in 1957 from Ceramics Department of Riga College of Applied Arts. From 1957 till 1963 she continued her studies at the Department of Applied Arts in the Art Academy of Latvia. Izabella Krolle participates in exhibitions since 1958. Her works have been exhibited in group exhibitions in Latvia and abroad. Izabella Krolle is also one of the founders of the Ceramic School in Ķīpsala. However the painting and graphics have always been close to the artist, though ceramics have the key role in her creative work. Read more...
  • Russian Painting from the Collection of Latvian National Museum of Art End of the 19th – 1st half of the 20th century
    Published: 12.02.14
    Russian Painting from the Collection of Latvian National Museum of Art  End of the 19th – 1st half of the 20th century
    Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMA) owns the biggest collection of Russian art in the Baltic region. During the last five years, the museum collection’s artworks of Russian painters were successfully exhibited both in Latvia and abroad- in Italy, Lithuania and Estonia. The exhibition “Russian Painting. End of the 19th – 1st half of the 20th century” is the first project of collaboration between Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre and Latvian National Museum of Art. Artworks of 29 artists are displayed in this exhibition. Many of these authors belonged to the generation of the Silver Age. In the collection of LNMA this period is widely represented with the masterpieces of such painters as Isaak Levitan, Vasiliy Surikov, Nicholas Roerich, Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Philipp Malyavin, Ilya Mashkov, etc. The majority of these authors’ works was seen in the exhibition “The Silver Age. Russian Art from the Collections of the Baltic Countries. 1890-1930” which took place in the Art Museum „Riga Bourse” from 2nd November 2012 till 20th January 2013. Read more...
    Published: 12.02.14
      The exhibition of art schools graduates’ works of the Latgale region as a point of reference shows the performance and contribution of Latgale Art schools to this county and region, as well as the possibility for others to evaluate and look at the authors’ first major independent works in the beginning of their  artistic career. In Latvian culture Latgale region has always been rich with traditions- in each farmstead there were always heard music sounds, widely- known traditions of producing household objects, making decorations and individual farmstead signs (design of “location signs”), the culture of sacral painting. All of these have made the history of Latgale, which is supplemented with the history of the development of crafts and design. Continuing the cultural and historical traditions, Latgale brings in a unique point of view on contemporary events, and on the reflection of nature and religion in culture. Read more...
  • Ilgvars Zalāns “Bridges”
    Published: 12.02.14
    Ilgvars Zalāns “Bridges”
      Bridges, which link and separate, which open new worlds and new opportunities allow to get enough courage and fearlessly go and explore the unknown. This is the description that can be given to the recent-year style of artist Ilgvars Zalāns - the ability to build a bridge between the western and eastern lifestyles, to bring to life what he has seen on that other bank – the bright light, the joy of colors, unusual features, and roughness of textures; the ability to express experienced moments and feelings encompassed in canvases, and to share them with a viewer in paintings. Read more...
  • City Space Art
    Published: 12.02.14
    City Space Art
      In May 2012 the administrative district of Görlitz, in collaboration with Europahaus Görlitz e. V., hosted an international Pleinair with the aim of introducing the Lower Silesian Upper Lusatia region to artists from different European countries: Germany, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. If we here allow the works of the plein-air exhibition “STADT I RAUM I KUNST” to fill our senses, we will intuitively move away from the concept of outdoor painting and begin to realise that this working group meeting of artists involved mainly the question of conveying the spatial experience of architectural, historical, social and mental landscapes.   Read more...
  • Alexander Rolof “TIME WITNESSES”
    Published: 12.02.14
    Alexander Rolof “TIME WITNESSES”
        Alexander Rolof was born in Liepāja in 1969. Already in his childhood he had shown a great interest about painting. From 1985 till 1989 he studied at Liepāja Polytechnic School. In 1992 he moves to Germany. The artist characterizes the further years of his life as “a time period of an intensive self-exploration in the field of fine arts”. From 2008 till 2012 he studied at the Graphic Art and Painting division of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences (Germany). In 2012 - 2013 he attended prof. P. Sonnenwend’s master class. A. Rolof constantly participates in exhibitions and has also organized several solo exhibitions. Read more...
  • Leonid Baulin “Variations”
    Published: 13.01.14
    Leonid Baulin “Variations”
      21.01.- 28.09.2014. L.Baulins was born on 25 May 1945 in Cherepovets of Vologda region (Russia). The family moved to Daugavpils in 1951. In 1959 - 1962 L.Baulins studied at the Gorky Art College in Russia, interested in avant-garde art and the Russian symbolist works. He entered the Art Academy of Latvia, Section of Pedagogy in 1968. After graduating from the Art Academy in 1973, the artist returned to Daugavpils. In1974 - 1996 he worked in the field of monumental painting, as well as in decoration of building interiors. In 1979 – 1990 the artist worked as stage designer at Daugavpils Theatre, since 1979 he worked as artist at Daugavpils Pedagogical Institute. Read more...
  • Pēteris Martinsons “Ceramics. 1963 -2013”
    Published: 13.01.14
    Pēteris Martinsons “Ceramics. 1963 -2013”
    21.01.- 28.09.2014.   Pēteris Martinsons (1931 – 2013) is the best-known Latvian ceramist in the world. For more than a half of a century, his art and personality have impressed and inspired ceramists of different generations both in Latvia and abroad; his achievements in international competitions have regularly attested to the excellence of his art; the radiance coming from his personality has given a creative charge to his colleagues during workshops and symposiums, to his students, to the participants in his master workshops and to those simply encountered on his way. The personality of Pēteris Martinsons is amazingly versatile – he is an architect by education, has been professionally engaged in mountaineering, a teacher of Riga Applied Art Secondary School and Art Academy of Latvia, has been a stage designer for several theatre performances in Valmiera theatre, and has been filmed in several roles. He has traveled a lot, mainly to work there, but has always come back. Back to his own country, which he always called – the most beautiful. Read more...
  • DMRMC Collection “White”
    Published: 19.12.13
    DMRMC Collection “White”
    „WHITE” 20.12.2013. - 20.01.2014. balts wit   white   أبيض ճերմակ   ağ  белы   zuri   সাদা  bijel  бял   bílý   hvid  לבן ווייַס  blanka puti   blanc   branco   λευκό   თეთრი સફેદ fararen   सफ़ेद dawb   wit    balts    bijel  valge   ọcha putih   bán   hvítt bianco 白   putih   funfun ಬಿಳಿ blanc  화이트  blan   белый ສີຂາວ album   balts baltas  бело putih   abjad   white  पांढरा   цагаан   सेतो  hvit   ਚਿੱਟਾ,   سفید    biały branco   alb    puti nga бео   biely bela   white  valkoinen blanco   nyeupe     ขาว   வெண்மையான   తెలుపు beyaz  білий   fehér   سفید weiß gwyn   trắng   white  vit     valge   ọcha putih   bán   hvítt   bianco 白   balts     wit   e bardhë   white  أبيض   ճերմակ   ağ  белы   zuri   putih   abjad   white  पांढरा   цагаан Read more...