You will always find something new in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre! On this page you will find all the exhibitions that are held in our center, as well as a relevant information about them.


Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the original paintings by the artist Mark Rothko and his artwork reproductions. It is the only permanent retrospective exhibition of Rothko’s artwork in Europe. Next to the original paintings visitors can explore the Art Centre’s library, video hall, Rothko’s research room and a digital display “Mark Rothko. Life and Art” which is dedicated to the artist’s childhood, his hometown Dvinsk (Daugavpils) and his subsequent creative evolution in the USA.

In the M.Rothko’s original artwork room are exhibited 6 paintings kindly provided for long-term loan by the artist’s daughter Kate Rothko Prizel and son Christopher Rothko. This exhibition reflects all periods of Rothko’s art; his intense searching, diverse activities and transformations in his way towards mastery and freedom.

The permanent exhibition and Rothko’s original works which are displayed at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre (exhibition Sector A) can be visited with/without a tour guide or with an audio guide.

The following original paintings are displayed at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre from April 24, 2016:

  • UNTITLED 1947, oil on canvas, 135,9 x 100,5 cm, Collection of Christopher Rothko
  • OEDIPUS 1940, oil on linen, 91,4 x 61 cm., Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel
  • OMENS OF GODS AND BIRDS 1944/1945, oil on canvas, 100,8 x 70,2 cm, Collection of Christopher Rothko
  • ENTRANCE TO SUBWAY 1938, oil on canvas, 86,4 x 117,5 cm, Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel
  • UNTITLED (YELLOW, PINK) 1955, oil on canvas, 202,6 x 172,1 cm, Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel
  • UNTITLED 1970, acrylic on canvas, 172,7 x 152,4 cm, Collection of Christopher Rothko


  • DMRMC Collection “White”
    Published: 19.12.13
    DMRMC Collection “White”
    „WHITE” 20.12.2013. - 20.01.2014. balts wit   white   أبيض ճերմակ   ağ  белы   zuri   সাদা  bijel  бял   bílý   hvid  לבן ווייַס  blanka puti   blanc   branco   λευκό   თეთრი સફેદ fararen   सफ़ेद dawb   wit    balts    bijel  valge   ọcha putih   bán   hvítt bianco 白   putih   funfun ಬಿಳಿ blanc  화이트  blan   белый ສີຂາວ album   balts baltas  бело putih   abjad   white  पांढरा   цагаан   सेतो  hvit   ਚਿੱਟਾ,   سفید    biały branco   alb    puti nga бео   biely bela   white  valkoinen blanco   nyeupe     ขาว   வெண்மையான   తెలుపు beyaz  білий   fehér   سفید weiß gwyn   trắng   white  vit     valge   ọcha putih   bán   hvítt   bianco 白   balts     wit   e bardhë   white  أبيض   ճերմակ   ağ  белы   zuri   putih   abjad   white  पांढरा   цагаан Read more...
  • Exhibition “Song of the Daugava River”
    Published: 16.11.13
    Exhibition “Song of the Daugava River”
       16.11.2013.- 20.01.2014.  DMRMC   "Song of the Daugava River” is an exhibition dedicated to 95th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia. While creating the exhibition, artists were invited to participate with the textile and fiber art miniatures that are both dedicated to Latvian Destiny River Daugava, as well as inspired by it. Creating the works, artists used a wide range of textile and fiber materials, beginning with traditional materials such as linen, wool, cotton and ending with a variety of synthetic and natural materials. The processing techniques of the materials have been applied in a various ways; there are woven and batik works, glued collages, basketry and other individual author's techniques. Miniature as a genre is quite challenging. It requires the skills to make a balanced combination of author’s artistic concept and the work dictated by technical skills. Moreover, in this case, the task is complicated by the power of the Daugava, which is both strong natural embodiment and the symbolic image of the Latvian nation deeply rooted in the collective consciousness. Read more...
  • Pjotrs Hudobčonoks “Daugavpils at the Beginning of the 20th Century”
    Published: 16.11.13
    Pjotrs Hudobčonoks “Daugavpils at the Beginning of the 20th Century”
    Pjotrs Hudobčonoks “Daugavpils at the Beginning of the 20th Century” Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Intro Hall November 16 – December 16, 2013   Works by Pjotrs Hudobčonoks have been displayed at exhibitions in many countries: Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Germany, France, Portugal, The USA and others, having had there great success. P. Hudobčonoks’ creative work is a remarkable example of the synthesis of old traditions, new content and new technique. One of the sources he draws on in his creative work is the traditional Russian “lubok” (a simplified kind of traditional Russian folk art) with its own marked plot, humor, specific imagery and syncretic character, where picture is combined with text. A further development of traditions and author’s ways of expression is manifested in his sculptural-plot-based compositions. These compositions are sculpture and painting simultaneously, they are a solution to a complicated task of depicting a full volume in a narrow environment. The volume is created by employing both plastic and pictorial means. The artist uses the complicated kaolin-based composite material. Read more...
  • Edward Pustovoitov „DREAMS. CONTINUATION”
    Published: 16.11.13
    Edward Pustovoitov „DREAMS. CONTINUATION”
        There is no use to look for the plot in my paintings. There is no plot. There are images emerged from my world view and emotional experience. The paintings are the ones who create me, not me creating them.  E. Pustovoitov   Edward Pustovoitov was born in 1964 in Makeyevka, Ukraine. He gained the Designer’s qualification at Odessa Institute of theatrical and artistic studies. Irresistible desire of travelling once led Pustovoitov to come to Latvia and to join the Riga nautical college; after graduating he worked as a sailor at Latvian Shipping. In 1993, being a resident of Riga, the young sailor Eduard, as he is telling, accidentally arrived to the Netherlands and visited Amsterdam Museum of Contemporary Art, where he for the first time got acquainted with the world-famous, scandalous Spanish surrealist Dali , more precisely - with his works. Read more...
  • Juris Utāns – “Flai – Letalka – Fly”
    Published: 12.11.13
    Juris Utāns – “Flai – Letalka – Fly”
    The title of the exhibition of works by painter Juris Utāns – “Flai – Letalka – Fly” conveys a message at several levels. First of all, the title is a pun – a play on English-Russian words in a Latvian vernacular, which in the globalization era are used in the manner of international communication and are dedicated to Utāns’ favourite image – a fly, which is a permanent “lyrical hero” of his works. Second, the title has a symbolic content, as the author considers that: “…we all are able to fly, the essence is the same, only our souls and minds are limited and suspicious”. Third, the intonation of the title precisely reflects Juris Utāns’ philosophy of life perception – to tease the society with a flippant intonation, which does not lay any responsibility. Read more...
    Published: 30.09.13
      Three towns – Daugavpils, Vitebsk and Leningrad – have been especially important in Solomon Gershov's life. He was born in 1906, Daugavpils (then Dvinsk) and spent there the first four years of his life. In Vitebsk, he spent his childhood and much of his youth. He started drawing early. For five-six years he studied with Y.Pen and received also a good academic education. He had worked together with K.Malevich and his pupils, however their ideas of suprematism and “approval of new art” did not appeal to him. But he willingly went to do sketches together with M.Chagall, admired his works, his artistic freedom and always remembered (later also followed) a simple piece of advice: “Don't look at others, do your own!” Read more...
    Published: 10.08.13
      SILVA LINARTE "REFLECTIONS"   A person is able to overcome even almost insuperable obstacles and find a new sense of life. (S. Linarte) Silva Veronika Linarte has always looked to the strength of family, Latgalian (southwestern Latvia) warmth and spiritual environment that her parents had created. She was born in a family of teachers on February 26, 1939, near Daugavpils. In 1941, the two-year-old girl and her family were deported to the Krasnoyarska district of Siberia. Silva returned to Latvia in 1957. She began to participate in art exhibitions in 1965, became a well-known artist, a talented teacher and a loving mother. Read more...
    Published: 24.04.13
    From 24th April till 31st July 2013, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center variable exhibition sector (B). Center collection "GOLD". Read more...
    Published: 07.05.13
    Peter Griffin "SEALED WITH FIRE" is a collection consisting of 12 silkscreen workseries. Exhibition was opened till 31st July 2013. Read more...
    Published: 10.08.13
    DILWIN SMITH "THE WINDOWS" The latest works by Dillwyn Smith show his growing interest in organized spatial relationships between color and form. Continuing the tradition of geometric abstractionism, his works hold a dialogue with color fields of Barnett Newman, Ellsworth Kelly, Mark Rothko and Blinky Palermo. Recently, the artist has given preference to textile works instead of his traditional painting technique. His textile works emerge from impressions travels have left on him. The idea about the project “The windows” evolved when Dillwyn participated in the plein-air “Mark Rothko 2012”. The impressions made by the local landscape and the traditional life style, motifs that had captured his imagination – all that has become the material for artistic images. Quite often, the impressions obtained from reality are given unexpected interpretations, showing well-known things in a new perspective. Read more...