You will always find something new in Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre! On this page you will find all the exhibitions that are held in our center, as well as a relevant information about them.


Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the original paintings by the artist Mark Rothko and his artwork reproductions. It is the only permanent retrospective exhibition of Rothko’s artwork in Europe. Next to the original paintings visitors can explore the Art Centre’s library, video hall, Rothko’s research room and a digital display “Mark Rothko. Life and Art” which is dedicated to the artist’s childhood, his hometown Dvinsk (Daugavpils) and his subsequent creative evolution in the USA.

In the M.Rothko’s original artwork room are exhibited 6 paintings kindly provided for long-term loan by the artist’s daughter Kate Rothko Prizel and son Christopher Rothko. This exhibition reflects all periods of Rothko’s art; his intense searching, diverse activities and transformations in his way towards mastery and freedom.

The permanent exhibition and Rothko’s original works which are displayed at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre (exhibition Sector A) can be visited with/without a tour guide or with an audio guide.

The following original paintings are displayed at Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre from April 24, 2016:

  • UNTITLED 1947, oil on canvas, 135,9 x 100,5 cm, Collection of Christopher Rothko
  • OEDIPUS 1940, oil on linen, 91,4 x 61 cm., Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel
  • OMENS OF GODS AND BIRDS 1944/1945, oil on canvas, 100,8 x 70,2 cm, Collection of Christopher Rothko
  • ENTRANCE TO SUBWAY 1938, oil on canvas, 86,4 x 117,5 cm, Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel
  • UNTITLED (YELLOW, PINK) 1955, oil on canvas, 202,6 x 172,1 cm, Collection of Kate Rothko Prizel
  • UNTITLED 1970, acrylic on canvas, 172,7 x 152,4 cm, Collection of Christopher Rothko


    Published: 10.09.18
    MAXIMALISM FOREVER Maruta Raude’s solo exhibition ALWAYS ALL OUT is a retrospective with select items from the artist’s previous shows “…and then they went out to the river…”, “Perfect place for you”, “First day or Monday”, “Four mermaids in a red sea” and “Totems” with the addition of assorted pieces she created during the international ceramic art symposium “Ceramic Laboratory” in Daugavpils. Read more...
  • Sandra Krastiņa’s Screen
    Published: 10.09.18
    Sandra Krastiņa’s Screen
    Ever since the Renaissance, painters have used the optical phenomenon of camera obscura – the magical power of a beam of light to conjure up on a rectangular screen of white fabric or paper a reversed and inverted yet precise representation of a primary form – a fragment of reality either observed in nature or deliberately staged. A uniformly lighted image or text on a computer screen gives the impression of a neutral, objective message. Conversely, in a painting we see details of an event, highlighted or left in the shadows by the artist, an author’s version of a narrative, interpretations emotionally coloured by the artist’s personality. Read more...
  • Ilona Linarte-Ruža, Dace Pudāne
    Published: 10.09.18
    Ilona Linarte-Ruža, Dace Pudāne
    Similar codes They are alike in so many ways – in their features, attitudes, values, interaction patterns, perceptions… This line of attributes could be continued when talking about two different yet also similar persons in Latvian textile art and art education – llona Linarte-Ruža and Dace Pudāne. Twin sisters Ilona and Dace were born on 22 August 1962 in the family of Silva Veronika Linarte and Leonards Linarts. The girls built their futures around the core values that were passed on to them by their parents, applying them to social interactions with others and to a life spent in harmony with oneself. Both sisters have graduated from the Textile Department of the Art Academy of Latvia, exhibit widely and work as art educators, contributing to the continuity of artistic processes. Read more...
    Published: 10.09.18
    IN THE ART OF LATVIAN-BORN SHAMIR BROTHERS A selection of artwork by the Shamir (Sheftelowitz) brothers, who were natives of Liepāja, gives the public a chance to see a unique collection, which is deeply Israelite but also profoundly rooted in the Latvian soil. This exhibition, which runs under the topic of “independence”, not only establishes a biographic and thematic connection between Israel and Latvia, but also serves as an exceptional example of the graphic design of its time. The Daugavpils exhibition is organised by the Embassy of Israel to Latvia in cooperation with Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre. Curator and editor of the exhibition is Yoram E. Shamir. The exhibition was produced with significant support from the Keren Hayesod Fund and used as sources select materials from the Israel State Archives, Zionist Central Archives, Academic Library of the University of Latvia, Israel Museum and private collections. Read more...
  • Ceramic laboratory
    Published: 31.07.18
    Ceramic laboratory
    Exhibition of artworks of participants of 6th International Ceramic Art Symposium In Daugavpils, organisation of international ceramic art symposia has fast become a tradition. This year, the ceramic art symposium CERAMIC LABORATORY is held for the sixth time and brings together 14 ceramic artists from 9 countries. The symposium is organised by Latvian Centre for Contemporary Ceramics in cooperation with Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre as a meeting point for ceramic artists and enthusiasts who come to exchange ideas and share experiences. As such, it shapes Daugavpils into a solid platform of ceramic art where artists can stay and develop, creating a space that exhibits world-class ceramic art of premium quality. Read more...
    Published: 30.06.18
    THE FORTRESS EXHIBITION   The fortress is a peculiar construction. At present, it lives the life of an exhibition space, so far-removed from its intended function. It is a particular challenge – to exhibit within these walls, built with such dour determination, my ceramic creations, some of which are as fragile as I have ever made. In a sense, “The Fortress Exhibition” is an experiment and a new version of my ceramics, because, originally, they were created to be exhibited elsewhere. As I make ceramic objects, I take into account the specifics of the space where they will be exhibited. Often I already know the intended exhibition space whose idiosyncrasies, through my conscious planning, ultimately reinforce the visual impact of the artefacts. Read more...
    Published: 27.06.18
    MARTINSONS AWARD – international juried ceramics exhibition This year, Latvia is hosting its second international ceramics biennale. Through a series of large public events, it will tell a polyphonic story of contemporary ceramics in Latvia and give a glimpse into ceramic tendencies and developments on the global stage. To celebrate the centenary of statehood in the three Baltic states, the biennale programme will feature exhibitions of contemporary ceramics from neighbouring Lithuania and Estonia. By established tradition, a group show of Latvian contemporary ceramics will be held along with a range of individual projects that will talk about remarkable representatives of Latvian and international ceramic art. Read more...
  • 100 in Latvian art
    Published: 26.06.18
    100 in Latvian art
    What is happening in Latvian art of today? This question is asked by artists, contemplated by curators, frowned upon or smiled at by gallery owners and deliberated in the writings of art theorists. What is an artist in Latvia? A grand master or a rising star in the artistic ranks, already shining bright and enjoying both local and international acclaim and recognition? In spite of numerous changes and incidents, and tributes paid to space and time, Latvian art has endured, and Latvian artists have never ceased to create. At any time, art gives a stark view of society and the space that it inhabits. The artist forges a connection with the outside world, which affects and shapes them in return. Read more...
  • Exhibition of the best works of the Ventspils 2017 photo contest
    Published: 31.05.18
    Exhibition of the best works of the Ventspils 2017 photo contest
    “Ventspils – a family and recreation-friendly city”. 40 works by 17 authors are presented at the exhibition, showing a daily life and special events of the people of Ventspils, as well as the beauty of the city throughout all seasons. The Ventspils photography contest is held for the fourteenth year already. It is aimed at selecting attractive and artistic-expressive images of Ventspils for their further placement in the Ventspils city travel brochures, maps, calendars and other printed materials to be published, as well as at offering these images for the public view at the exhibition. This year, 335 works by 26 authors were submitted for participation at the contest, the youngest of the authors was eight years old only. Read more...
    Published: 17.05.18
    Aleksandra Šļahova The power of springtime waters, so deep and swift of pace. Such are the associations stirred by Aleksandra Šļahova's watercolours. Dualism of colour, evident in stark contrasts between muted and bright hues, is strikingly direct in carrying the artist's message to the audience. The viewer observes and sees a story, a conversation that is struck when colour meets water. This exchange spills onto paper as a letter about things felt, experienced, collected and, ultimately, shared with the audience. The artist is free in her manipulations with water and colour. She lets the currents of emotion flow cross large and small watercolour fields, pastures and meadows, running into oceans seen and imagined, pouring out into wide, open spaces, epitomizing the overwhelming power of nature itself. Read more...