2017 July 12 to 25, Vilaka

Viļaka Municipality in collaboration with Daugavpils Rothko Art Centre encourages artists to apply for participation in the International Painting Plein Air ” Valdis Bušs 2017 “, held within artists residence programme by Mark Rothko Art Centre. The Plein Air “Valdis Bušs 2017” will take place in Viļaka, which is a town in eastern Latvia well-known for its rich history and Valdis Bušs – the master of Latvian landscape who originally comes from Viļaka region.

On 25 July – which is a birthday of Valdis Bušs – an exhibition of art work created during the Plein Air will be opened in Viļaka Centre for Culture and Creative Industries.

Objectives of the Plein Air:

  1. Drawing on awareness of uniqueness of Valdis Bušs artistic heritage to pay attention to Viļaka as the artist’s native town;
  2. To promote interest in Viļaka as artistically stimulating town with the prospect of creating it into a place of residences for plein airs;
  3. To supplement collection of the future Valdis Bušs Art Center in Viļaka (until foundation of the Cente these works will be stored in Viļaka County Museum).

Place and time of the Plein Air: Viļaka, Latvia, 2017, 12 – 25 July

Participants of the Plein Air: The Plein Air will be participated in by six professional artists (five foreign and one Latvian artist). Participants will be selected by means of a contest procedure on basis of materials submitted (application form, resume and visual information provided pursuant to the provisions referred to below).

Committee for selection of the Plein Air participants:

  • Māris Čačka– artist, curator of the Plein Air, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre
  • Valentīns Petjko– artist, art theorist, Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre
  • Ninet Kesser – artist, professor (Turkey)
  • Ričardas Garbačiauskas– artist, professor (Lithuania)
  • Silva Veronika Linarte– artist (Latvia)
  • Elita Teilāne – an artist, director of Balvi School of Arts

Organizers of the Plein Air cover:

  1. Travel expenses to Viļaka and back;
  2. Living costs of artists in Viļaka (meals and a hotel (several people staying in one room, shared bathroom, a bath-house available);
  3. Work premises (several artists working in one room);
  4. Materials and tools for work (canvases and paints);
  5. Publicity (a presentation of creative work, information in mass media, an issue of the Plein Air catalogue);
  6. Recreation facilities, tours around Viļaka and Balvi and their surroundings, art and culture establishments in Daugavpils – a visit to Mark Rothko Art Centre;
  7. Final exhibition (Opening on 25 July 2017).

Artists cover:

  1. Specific work materials and tools (including brushes)
  2. Donation of at least two art works created during the Plein Air to the collection of the future Valdis Bušs Art Centre in Viļaka.
  3. Travel costs from home country to Riga (Latvia) and back.


Applications must be submitted electronically till March 31, 2017. Applications submitted after March 31, 2017 will not be considered.

To apply for Symposium, applicant has to complete ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

Additional files should be attached to the application:

  1. CV
  2. Portfolio (photos of at least seven (7) works, these works must be completed in the last 3 years). Other informative materials (catalogues, postcards, etc.) may be attached in electronic format.

To submit the attachment, please upload the abovementioned files to Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer etc., and provide link in the required field within the Registration Form.


The Symposium Jury will consider the applications, and selected artists will receive invitations to participate in the Symposium after April 24, 2017. The invited participants should confirm their participation within 5 days after receiving the invitation.

Contact person:

Māris Čačka