Library rules and regulations

We have compiled a large collection of books and documents, which are dedicated to Mark Rothko and art so that everyone can get the necessary information. For successful keeping and storage of books we would like you to follow the simple rules of library use.

    1.1. Basic services of the library:
    1.1.1. Use of books and other documents in premises of the library;
    1.1.2. Use of computers and the Internet;
    1.1.3. Use of catalog and database:
    1.1.4. Consultations in searching for information.
    1.2. Payment will be charged for:
    1.2.1. Copying of library documents observing the Copyright Law.
    1.2.2. Printing.
    2.1. Library visitors are Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre staff, visitors of A sector, as well as lodgers (program participants) of the residences.
    2.2. Any person who electronically ( or in paper format has completed an application form and received a pass to visit the library, can also become the library visitor.
    3.1. Providing services to visitors at the library:
    3.1.1. Visitor independently or with the assistance of library employee selects necessary documents.
    3.1.2. Visitor receives the necessary documents at once if they were previously indicated in an application form.
    3.1.3. When finishing the work, visitor hands over the document to the person in charge or leaves them on a table.
    3.1.4. Visitor must not arrange documents on shelves.
    3.1.5. In certain cases a book may be situated in one of another Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre premises.
    3.2. No more than 5 documents or 1 electronic publication can be used at the same time. Use of an electronic publication is only possible with assistance of a librarian.
    3.3. Use of library computer is allowed only to search and access information.
    4.1. To use Library collection, information system and services according to these Rules.
    4.2. To get information about the Library collection, information system and services.
    4.3. To get an advice in searching the catalogue, databases and other information resources.
    4.4. To bring into the library books and other documents, laptop computers and other items necessary for work, showing them to library staff.
    4.5. To submit proposals for the improvement of Library work.
    5.1. To be careful with the documents received for use; marking, underlining, bending, pulling out pages or causing any other damage is not allowed.
    5.2. Visitor who has damaged any document should replace it with the same one or another document that is approved as equivalent in content and price. If it cannot be done, the value of damaged document should be compensated according to the current market value.
    5.3. Order and silence should be kept at the library not to disturb the work of other library users.
    5.4. When working at the library only graphite pencils can be used for taking notes.